Here are some English websites to give you insight on where to travel, places of interest, and other pertinent information:

GoodDay Hokkaido   This is the official tourism organization for Hokkaido.

Hokkaido Japan Guide  This site has comprehensive travel information for any length of stay in Hokkaido.

Sapporo City Information Page This site has lots of practical information about the city.

Hokkaido Explorer This website has lots of information about events, food, and activities in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido Guide This website also has lots of sightseeing information as well as guides to shops and events that occur in Hokkaido. Information is also offered in Thai and Japanese.

Hokkaido Insider This site has been invaluable to Hokkaido’s foreign residents. It has lots of information about practical living and offers a subscription service for people who want to work in Hokkaido.

The Best of Sapporo Japan This site has a lot of great reviews for restaurants and things to do in and around Sapporo. The restaurant recommendations are usually on point.

Bumble Bee Mum This blog is run by a Singaporean woman. She has lots of great practical advice on traveling in Hokkaido. There is also a forum on the site where you can ask and answer people’s questions about traveling in Hokkaido.

Good!Hokkaido! A blogger who has lots of information and pictures that focus on nature, onsens, and tasty foods. It’s worth a visit. The site has lots of pictures and has options for Chinese, English, and Japanese information of places.