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That’s Japanese for welcome 🙂

Thanks for dropping by!

My name is Rochelle. I’ve been living in Hokkaido for the past ten years, but I still feel like I’m discovering new things about this island every day.

I love Japan and traveling. To me, Hokkaido offers the most diverse aspects of Japanese culture that you’ll ever experience. Granted, this place is not as old and as traditional as other parts of the country, but it has its own kind of beauty and culture.

I’ll try to offer some unique insights into what living here is like. For the most part, I have a lot of interest in food and traveling, which is not always a great fit for my diet and my budget 🙂 Be warned: In the coming weeks, I will be posting a lot of food photos–so don’t read this blog when you’re hungry.

I’m trying to appreciate my surroundings more by going out and exploring new places, new things, and new people. A lot of us are so busy that we never take the time to stop and see what’s around us. This blog is my way of not taking for granted how lucky I am to be living here.

I hope you join me in discovering what this Northern island has to offer.