Eniwa, Kukai

Another food post, hooray!

This time, it is about one of my favorite local restaurants, Kukai (空海). I believe the kanji reading is air and sea.

Kukai is located in Eniwa city, which is a short 15 minute drive for us. It is mainly a butadon (pork bowl) restaurant, but they also have home made soba that is just as tasty.

This is their famous Kukai set, which features both of these delicacies.


For me though, the main draw is their amazing butadon. It is so good that it has been noted in the Michelin Guide. Because of this, the place is always crowded as it is very popular among the locals as well as visitors who have heard of it. Kukai is also a small, family-operated restaurant. The restaurant itself is small, with three tables for families and some counter space for couples and individuals. The parking space is tiny and there is always a line to get in for lunch or dinner.

The wait is worth it, though. I love their butadon because it is not too sweet nor too salty. It is broiled over charcoal so you get that authentic roasted barbecue taste. Just driving by, you can even smell it from outside.

You can choose from different types of pork cut from the menu. If you have a big appetite, you can choose to go with the bigger options. Most of the meals will come with soup and some some pickled vegetables.


The staff is also quite nice and friendly. Every time we go there, the lady who always takes our order remembers us and thanks us for each visit. Because she always welcomes us with such a happy smile, I always want to come back.



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