Buffets in Sapporo

Oooh, a food post, and my first one!

Can’t you tell I’m excited by this topic?

There are a lot of buffet restaurants in Sapporo, and they’re a very affordable option for really hungry people 🙂

Of course, there are many buffet restaurants in Sapporo. You usually have about an hour and a half to two hours to eat your fill. Some restaurants even allow you to stay as long as you want if it’s not too crowded. If you’re in town during the week, this is a very good way to sample lots of Japanese and non-Japanese food.

This was at Tsuruga Buffet Dining at Akarenga Terrace. It was slightly more expensive because they served some really good steak. Of course, it was cut into several small pieces (top left of the plate) but you always go back and get some more. This place is ALWAYS crowded on the weekends so you need to make a reservation. But it’s better to go during the week if you have the time.


In recent years, it’s been the trend at the many onsen hotels to serve a big buffet breakfast. I remember a few years ago that most of the hotels served a typical breakfast kaiseki with grilled fish, rice, soup, and some side dishes. I think with the uptake in international visitors, many of these hotels realized the attraction of a good Japanese breakfast buffet: it definitely increases reservations.

Typically, many hotels offer lunch buffets during the weekdays. Some hotels will offer a small discount, targeting people who might be in the city when they are there for the weekday.

These places are also good for the many joushikai (女子会), which means a gathering of ladies for a party. Lunch dates, essentially, for women who do not work during the week.

Typically, most of the food will feature vegetables and products grown in Hokkaido. Seasonal food is big here in Japan, so right now, many of the restaurants are capitalizing on the popularity of pumpkins. There are a lot of pumpkin dishes right now.

The other day, I met up with a good friend of mine for a lunch date 🙂

We went to Mia Angela, an Italian restaurant in downtown Odori. The salad choices was all you can eat and but it comes with a choice of one pasta dish. As you would expect, everything was really good. I had a peperoncino pasta (not pictured.) Frankly, though, I would have been okay with just the salad and other side dishes.


Definitely try one of the many buffet restaurants if you can afford it. I highly recommend The Buffet in Daimaru Department Store. They have a huge selection of really delicious food.

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