Hokkaido University and the Ginko Trees

Last week, I had some time to stop by Hokkaido University. In the fall, the university becomes a famous tourist spot for visitors. Of course, we’re known for nature, and the school would not be an exception.The campus is dotted with many types of trees. You can take a leisurely stroll on the grounds as you admire the foliage and the older Western-style buildings.


However, what makes it special during this time is the Ginko Avenue, where an entire street is lined with Ginko trees. In Japanese, it is known as 銀杏並木, or Ichou Namiki.


This is a main thoroughfare with cars continuously passing, and this day was no exception–even though so many people kept going into the middle to snap photos. I was guilty of doing the same. Several times, the guardsmen kept telling me to step off and go onto the sidewalk. I did, but I would find myself wandering back into the middle of the road again.

I couldn’t help it. It was too beautiful a site not to marvel. Yellow is my favorite color and to see it concentrated on trees on a beautiful autumn day was a blessing. It made me feel really alive and really glad to be living in Hokkaido.

If you go further into the university, there was another area where you could go and play. This time, nobody was there to yell at you to get off the road. You could also wade around in the fallen leaves.


Well, maybe not wade, but you get the idea. It was literally a carpet of yellow leaves. I wish it really had been knee-deep so that when you walked around, you can hear the satisfying swish of moving leaves.

Here’s an obligatory photo of my shoes in the leaves.


Just kidding. It just goes to show you how much I love fall. I find that the world becomes so much more beautiful when it is awash in warm colors. It’s like being blanketed by the sun.


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