Star Wars Comes to Hokkaido

Let me just start by saying: I am not a die-hard Star Wars fan.


Yeah, sorry.

But, I do enjoy the promotions that the movie industry does for the series.

Case in point, at the Sapporo Station West Exit, there are promotional figures standing by.  I guess this is to put in mind that the new movie is coming out in December.

I couldn’t resist taking photos because the displays were fantastic. There were panels of information about the main characters, from the original cast to the newer members. Of course, the most interesting ones were the life-sized models:


And I also liked that the director had a message for us. It was a very nice touch. I liked that Hollywood was appealing directly to the audiences, even those of us who live halfway across the world.



Although I will admit that I have not seen any of the new installations–gasp!


Okay, in my defense, I am waiting for all these to be done to see the final product as a whole. I am all caught up with the originals and the prequels, but I do not like not knowing what happens in the end. This is why I am such a binge-watcher. I will wait until the final movie is out to see everything.

In the meantime, you can’t get any bigger than this:

2017 Yuki Matsuri at Odori Park

This was one of the main sculptures at this year’s Snow Festival in early February of 2017. This art work took up the entire edge of a city block. At night, there was an illuminated projection mapping show which added an extra dimension to it.

See, marketing does work.

Now I’m all excited for the upcoming movies.

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